Smart Farming System Using Telematics Solution

March 30, 2023


The client is an agri equipment manufacturer backed by a group of individuals who share the same passion for agriculture and possess vast experience in the agricultural value chain. Their objective is to simplify the lives of farmers by providing valuable agricultural equipment, tools, and services. They provide mechanization solutions and a wide range of technology-based agricultural solutions that offer significant advantages to farmers.


Smart farming is essential for meeting the increasing demand for agricultural products while preserving resources and addressing industry challenges. Farmers need to be innovative, efficient, and competitive, and telematics solutions can help them achieve this. These cost-effective, configurable, and comprehensive tracking systems for agricultural machinery, along with process monitoring and automation, are crucial for efficient management and tracking automation of agricultural machinery in large-scale farming operations.

With the world’s population expanding by approximately 83 million people annually, the agriculture industry must perform efficiently without wasting time and effort. Traditional methods are no longer feasible or in line with current farming standards and practices. Thus, farm owners need to find the most efficient way to track and manage their machinery with minimal effort and maximum results. Telematics solutions can be utilized to monitor the location, speed, and maintenance requirements of these vehicles, thereby reducing downtime and increasing efficiency in smart farming.


An agri equipment manufacturer, in collaboration with Intrinsig, has developed a smart system that provides relevant solutions to farmers. This is the first of several solutions designed to simplify farmers’ lives. The system includes an inbuilt E-SIM card, which allows a mobile phone to connect to it via GPS and satellite, providing real-time information on the tractor. Once the tractor is equipped with this smart system, the app can be downloaded on the mobile to connect with the system. This smart farming solution is a great way for farmers to optimize their operations with the help of telematics solutions.


  • Acreage of your tractor
  • Real time location
  • Work completion report
  • Account tracking
  • Fuel level alerts
  • Service reminders
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