How Can ServiceNow Transforms Facility Management Services?

March 6, 2023
Vikas Vitnor

Understanding ServiceNow Facility Management

ServiceNow Facilities Management is an effective facilities service management solution, which allows users to request changes to the operation and maintenance of their facilities. Facilities staff track these requests through an admin dashboard and make necessary changes across multiple domains such as building facilities, purchasing, marketing, human resources, finance, sales, operations. Facility and space planning requests were typically submitted prior to ServiceNow facility management and addressed via email and phone, with little transparency throughout the process.  

With ServiceNow Facilities Management, users and administrators can access facility information and services on desktop and mobile devices using a self-service portal. The integration of chatbots or voice assistants with ServiceNow platform enables facility teams to resolve issues any time at a faster resolution speed. 

The ServiceNow facility management tool takes care of critical and time-consuming needs and helps employees focus on core business improvements. Also, this tool helps employees solve problems by informing them about available resources. All facility management needs are addressed within the ServiceNow facility management platform without having to manage multiple tools.

How can ServiceNow transform facility management services?

  • Regulatory compliance 

Ensuring regulatory compliance is an important role of facility management. They are responsible for reducing expenditure and making sure the business meets all its goals. If they fail to comply, then it may result in temporary shutdown of business operations which leads to losses.  ServiceNow helps to comply with the policies, regulations, and best practices in one system. You can use it to test against issues of compliance and include the necessary activities according to requirements. After that you can automate repetitive processes. 

  • Data-based facility management 

Many repetitive and basic tasks are handled by facility teams. The alignment of these tasks is not often according to employee specific needs. You need data to align these tasks to employee needs. Data collection can be done using smart technologies like sensors. This data will help to make the right decisions. This integrated system of action is possible with the ServiceNow Connected Operations. 

 ServiceNow Predictive Intelligence takes care of workflow automation which auto-creates the tasks via Natural Language processing (NLP) 

  • New insights to optimize facility services   

Traditional facility management relies mainly on procedures that are followed on a regular basis and lacks workload visibility to customize services to individual needs. This is not the case with ServiceNow Facility Management. It provides managers with information about workplace services, workload, requests, assets, and challenges, as well as trends and predictions in these areas. 

  • Asset tracking and management 

To operate the modern facilities at peak efficiency is a challenge. Facility management software is a necessity now to run the facilities optimally. ServiceNow helps to create accurate, comprehensive asset registers. Employees can get all the information about assets (specifications, warranty, maintenance history, performance insights) in a quick time. 

  • Collaboration & Mobility 

With the increasing demands on facilities management, ServiceNow can be especially useful in circumstances when employees offsite need access to crucial business data. Employees can collaborate on projects from anywhere. The only condition is they should have an internet connection and a mobile device. Data can be accessed in a single digital database which rules out the possibility of errors. 

  • Integrated move management 

Managers have a huge responsibility for keeping the record of the changes to the facilities being used. You can easily shift departments into other workspaces or distribute the equipment thanks to the integrated move management tool. 

Do you want to unlock these benefits by adding ServiceNow to your Facilities Management? 
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