Empowering NGO: Streamlining the process of cataract care with ServiceNow

May 9, 2023
Streamlining the process of treatment of cataract patients.


Our client is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that aims to restore vision to people with visual impairment and blindness due to cataracts worldwide through innovative approaches to surgical simulation, product development, simulation-based training, and partnerships. The organization is committed to ensuring that affordable and high-quality eye care services are accessible to everyone, especially those in areas with limited access to skilled eye surgeons. The client achieves its mission by providing training to local eye care providers, developing low-cost surgical instruments, and leveraging technology, such as virtual reality simulators, to provide realistic surgical training for eye surgeons.  


As an NGO working towards providing cataract patients with access to treatment, it has faced several challenges with traditional data collection methods. These challenges include: 

1. Note down details on paper: 

Traditional methods of data collection involve manually noting down basic patient details on paper:

 This process is time-consuming and prone to errors, leading to inaccuracies in patient records.

2. Go to the hospital personally and submit details:

Collecting patient data on paper and then submitting it to the hospital in person adds an additional layer of complexity to the process. It is time-consuming and can lead to delays in patients receiving the necessary treatment. 

3. Lose data of patients and their location:

Traditional data collection methods also make it difficult to keep track of patient records and their locations. This makes it challenging to provide follow-up care to patients after they have received treatment. 


Streamlining the process of treatment of cataract patients.

MeshBA developed a ServiceNow based Solution which helps to streamline the process of treating the cataract patients by- 

  • Identifying patients: This ServiceNow bases solution allows the client to identify potential patients based on their location and demographics. This makes it easier to reach out to them and offer them the necessary treatment.
  • Screening patients: It includes a screening process that helps to identify patients who require cataract treatment. This ensures that only those who need treatment receive it. 
  • Sending patients to clinic: It helps to find nearest clinic for treatment of the patients. This reduces delays in treatment and ensures that patients receive timely care.
  • Treatment of patients: It helps to keep track of patients who have received treatment. This ensures that patients receive the necessary follow-up care and helps to prevent complications from the treatment. 
  • Follow up after treatment: This ServiceNow bases solution includes a feature that helps to take follow up with patients after they have received treatment. This ensures that patients are recovering well and have no further complications. 
  • Patients Records: It helps to keep accurate patient records, including their location and treatment history. This helps to ensure that patients receive the necessary care and follow-up treatment. 


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