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How can ServiceNow transform facilities management services?

Understanding ServiceNow Facility Management: ServiceNow Facilities Management is an effective facilities service management solution, which allows users to request changes to the operation and maintenance of their facilities. Facilities staff track these requests through an admin dashboard and make necessary changes across multiple domains such as building facilities, purchasing, marketing, human resources, finance, sales, operations. …

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Boost Employee Engagement with a Corporate Intranet on Microsoft 365

  We want easy and quick solutions to our complex business problems. We turn to different sources of information to find direct and easy solutions. Sometimes we get it or sometimes we don’t.  Let’s talk about one such business problem i.e., Employee engagement. In a digital workplace changed by Covid-19 pandemic, more and more organizations …

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Key to Unlock Your Productivity Potential

Do you find yourself in interactions with clients and organizations who are either curious about PowerApps or have business problems where PowerApps could help?   In this article, we are giving an overview of PowerApps and its capabilities. This article explains what PowerApps is and how you can unlock your productivity potential using PowerApps. Organizations …

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